Hard roads make the walking tougher?


We have been so fed up of ploughing, or skating, through mud, going ankle deep and occasionally more, that we’ve taken to exploring the world via the quiet minor roads in the area.

In some ways it’s been a revelation – so many of the roads are indeed quiet, though you need to keep your ears open, and be prepared for the odd vehicle. The roads have added a new dimension to my view of the great jigsaw map I’m building in my head. I just love the way places interlock. Call me sad, but I get a buzz when I cross a path I walked a couple of years ago, but from a different angle.

However, I think a nine-miler feels harder on the feet and legs when you’ve been walking on roads. Unless it’s my fitness level just now. . .

However we plan our walks, we often come across odd stories. Yesterday ‘s was about Thomas Jarman of Clipston, a prolific writer of hymn tunes and master of the local chapel choir. He died at the age of 85, and is buried in the grounds of the Chapel at Clipston. Online searches revealed that he spent some time exchanging unpleasant verses with the local Church of England vicar, a Mr Bull. They didn’t see eye to eye about music and life in general. There’s some information here :http://www.immanuelsground.com/composers/Thomas_Jarman.htm

For accounts of my walks see my blogger blog – aliwalks.blogspot.co.uk


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