The ali cat awakens . . .?

Rather than start a completely new blog, I’ll use this as a way of tracking my progress in drawing. There may be other topics as well,  and I shall probably double post some content to as well.

Yes, multiple blogs, multiple Ids – make of it what you will.

So a photo, a poem and a sketch from Bradgate Park, Leicester

I see a tree blasted open
like Munch’s scream
though rich in leaf
its trunk has split to reveal
marmorean veins of colour
and a deep dark centre.

A face is half formed in the fissure
and above it the scar of a fallen branch
looks out at me
challenging me to capture it
in graphite and paper.

imageI observe the shapes
pencil in light outlines
mark bulges and branches,
note textures and angles . . .

now graphite block
I try the tricks
swirls and whirls,
hatchings and scratchings
and bold broad strokes
squiggles for leaves.

Below me  a couple of figures on the path
suggest context and distance . . .



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