Church at Irthlingborough

After a walk through the Lakes and Meadows nature reserve – old gravel pits and the River Nene, I decided to take myself off and draw this church. It’s an unusual design, and very striking as it stands on the high ground away from the river, and is visible from some distance. There are also great views over the river and lakes.


Its lantern tower was once used as a beacon  to guide travellers through the dangerous Nene Valley.  The original church dates from the twelfth century, but much was rebuilt in the last quarter of the thirteenth.

The tower had become very dangerous and  was taken down in 1887 and rebuilt on a new concrete foundation in 1888–93 as far as possible with the old stone.

Here is my drawing – I am generally quite pleased with it, although I have inadvertently put in a very distracting image – like a face – in the right foreground. Harry calls this the Irthlingborough Angel! But, too funny not to post, and I shall try to deal with it.

FullSizeRender (1)




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