Clumber Park

We met my son, Dan, and his two kids for a day at Clumber Park, in Nottinghamshire. The drive up was one of the wettest ever, torrential rain and loads of surface water on the A1. The Park is a huge estate owned by the National trust, once the seat of the Dukes of Newcastle, before the mansion was demolished in the 1930s. There’s loads of space to walk or cycle, as well as a lake and the longest double avenue of lime trees (tilia) in Europe.

The church of St Mary the Virgin is a rather blocky Gothic Revival chapel, dating from 1886.  Interior of Red Runcorn stone, exterior Steetly ashlar with Red Runcorn dressings. I had to look that up!  We took the opportunity to sketch the church after Dan had left.



My sketch took 30 mins and I used 5B pencil


4 thoughts on “Clumber Park

    • Thanks, Nina.
      I’ve had a big struggle with perspective – I’m making progress. The other thing Is patience. And my personal tutor (my partner, Harry) gives me constructive advice when I make mistakes.

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