Charcoal nude

A day at Stamford – my first attempt at life drawing,  in charcoal. A lot harder than drawing from photographs . . .

The first two were short poses, lasting about 30 minutes each.


I found it hard to judge the space on the paper – this is a sheet about twice the size I have been working on. A2 cartridge paper.


I quite like the general shape.  I’m still pretty tentative, and I made her stockier than in reality.


This drawing was on A2 grey sugar paper. The poor woman still looks dumpier than she is, and I had difficulty with the proportions. The head is too big, the body too short and wide.


A2 grey sugar paper again. I ran out of space for the head, and found the arm and hand tricky. I was quite pleased with the bent right leg, but the left leg and foot are odd!


4 thoughts on “Charcoal nude

  1. Not only your first attempt but usuing an unfamiliar and difficult medium. You did well. The standing pose is particularly successful.

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