Another church – Shangton, Leics

Shangton is now a tiny village, and was depopulated in the seventeenth century,  probably at the time of the Enclosure Acts. The church is visible from the quiet road leading to the village.

IMG_2913The churchyard is pretty small, and it’s not easy to get a wide view. This is a photo taken from the vantage point where I did the sketch. After about an hour we were feeling the effects of the chilly breeze, but were able to find a sheltered spot for coffee – and the sun came out as well.


I took the sketch home and finished it with the help of the photograph, and the black and white version below.Version 2




4 thoughts on “Another church – Shangton, Leics

  1. You’re doing really well with your sketching, Alison – lovely photos too of an interesting subject and location.

    • Thank you, Ida. It’s remarkably addictive, though I’m not doing quite the quantity I was around this time last year. Very satisfying when I get something I feel shows progress.

  2. You have always managed to get the atmosphere of places. Your growing skill with perspective, line and tone now give the scenes a convincing solidity,

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