On the carousel

And now for something different …still at the Georgian festival.



More sketches from the museum

I am not sure who this woman is, but I had two attempts.




then it was dead animal time –

There were lots of other objects around as well, but there’s a limit to what can be done in the time available – and I had to factor in a lunch break too.

Fox in a museum

After a couple of months of doing very little in the drawing line, I went to a sketching day in Leicester Museum and Art Gallery, and did seven sketches.

Here’s one of the drawings, with a photo and a poem!

Now, fox – when did you die?
Hands removed your skin
and treated it
constructed a skeleton frame
inserted glass eyes
arranged your expression
almost lifelike
almost curious and cunning
fitted your legs like socks
on artificial limbs
and posed you on a plinth.


Today we’ve drawn you,
lots of us
attracted to the idea of fox
and dead animals don’t move
but do have three dimensions
unlike photographs.


We give you some new life
you look cute
or fierce
or inquisitive

Are you plotting some mischief
on chicken coop or rabbit hutch?


With our looking,
each of us made
some kind of memorial
or mnemonic
of a fox.