Wawel Cathedral, Krakow


Hmmm, I misjudged the height of this one!  Done on the spot on 19th June, during our visit to Poland.


A Dutch-style Lodge

We arrived at around 2.30 pm, on a bright sunny very cold day. We were looking for a subject to draw, and this building was ideal. It is marked on the map as The Lodge, and was likely the lodge to the hall which is no longer there.

In spite of our being well-wrapped up, an hour sitting and drawing was enough.   Then we sought the shelter of the car and the solace of a flask of hot coffee.  The light changed over the hour as the sun sank below the horizon. . .img_3038

I took the sketch home to complete.




A street in Uppingham


Still working on building shapes and perspective in street scenes. I find drawing while standing up a wee bit tricky.img_0491

I pretended the cars and van weren’t there.img_0488

Comparing the photo to the drawing, I have made the pavement a little steep – looks as though it’s going uphill!

Here’s the drawing with a few modifications.


El Solar de los Madariagas, Vicuña

We had booked into this place on the Calle Gabriela Mistral. The building was directly on the street as are almost the houses here. But when the door was opened we went through a hallway into a magical patio garden. We could smell the  jasmine growing up the column near the large pot. On our right wisteria was growing on a pergola. Another bush was blooming over on the left.

Above the roof you can glimpse the snow covered Andes.


This picture is taken from a slightly different position from the sketch.

The house itself consists of rooms on a single floor, all built around this yard and another larger garden further back.  It was built by the present owner’s great-grandfather.

This scene really needs colour to do it any kind of justice.

Harry gave the owners the watercolour he did the same afternoon. They were delighted.