Jacques Prévert


French poet and screen writer. (1900-1977). Very much of his time with the cigarette dangling nonchalantly, the ash ready to drop.

Wrote poems which could be playful, tender or bitterly political.



Charcoal nude

A day at Stamford – my first attempt at life drawing,  in charcoal. A lot harder than drawing from photographs . . .

The first two were short poses, lasting about 30 minutes each.


I found it hard to judge the space on the paper – this is a sheet about twice the size I have been working on. A2 cartridge paper.


I quite like the general shape.  I’m still pretty tentative, and I made her stockier than in reality.


This drawing was on A2 grey sugar paper. The poor woman still looks dumpier than she is, and I had difficulty with the proportions. The head is too big, the body too short and wide.


A2 grey sugar paper again. I ran out of space for the head, and found the arm and hand tricky. I was quite pleased with the bent right leg, but the left leg and foot are odd!


Done at an all-day portrait workshop in Stamford, led by Joanna Crawford.

There were four sessions of one hour each.


Some of the proportions are not quite right, and the areas around the chin and mouth have been scrubbed out and redone more than once, but on the whole I’m reasonably pleased with my efforts.